Seems so far away since I wrote something there! Maybe because so many unexpected things occured since, even I, I ever believed that a human being could live so many events in such a short time.
Actually February ends into Distorsion, which exile me far away in my head throught reflexions. And then came [PLAY] as a pretty omen. I love the song, sounds so undescriptible, new and hopeful who knows why. As the Acid rains and the Clocks explode in Mitsu words, it seems that the world reverse for the Green Irish Week into something uber great.
I am glad I finally receive the Answer back.
I am glad too that finally my demand was send to Kansai Gaidai. I feel very optimist about it, there is just one or two months to wait for the final confirmation.
I found amazing and ironic that the theater where Dolly play in Austin is named Elyseum!XD
It confirms a true fact which is that behind the door of Elyseum, Dolly is.
I enjoyed my St-Patrick and my purchases!
I bought two japanese Harajuku magazines. I taste good to see Ryuutarou on the second page of the GLB number 34 for Black Peace Now.
I bought the first volume of Kuroshitsuji too and I found this graphic universe truly amazing!
I receive the last Rock and Read and Mitsu's interview and long shooting is Pure Eye-Candy. It's a natural shooting, but he looks so pretty. Such a strange thing again that one of tha pair of new glasses I am waiting this week for looks exactly like his as I never knew this fact at the purchase.
And to end the lot of Dandy book, I found a great biography of Lewis Carrol which teach a lot of things about the man; the book is truly fascinating.
The Leprechaun brought me definitively an amazing Lucky Joyful Week.
Those Days are definitively the craziest, but cherisful ones.
Now I need a smoke.