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The Smoking MadHatter
Date de naissance : 21 avril 1989
Site Web : http://www.myspace.com/smokingmadhatter
Pays : Japon


Quelques mots sur moi

...I am a mix between a Dandy & a Junky...

Mes centres d'intérêt

Aesthetic/Androgenous Boys/Animes/Arts in general/Being cheerful...>_>/Being clumsy O_o/Birds/Books/Boyish Womens/British Victorian Era/Burlesque/Candy/Cinema/Computers/Craziness in Life/Dandyism/DragQueens/Drawing/Dreaming/Englang/Eroguro Style & Fashion/Fangirling about Mitsu (Dolly vocalist) 8D/Fashion/Fetishism & Nasty Funs/Friends/Full/Germany/Giggling/Hard Yaoi Fancies & Homosexuality/Hats/History/Honesty/Japan/Japanese Street Fashion (favorite Brands: Atelier BoZ, Alice and the Pirates, Black Peace Now & all their sub brands, h.NAOTO and all their sub brands, Putumayo, etc...)/J-Music & Visual Kei/Kansai (Osaka!~<3)/Kodona&Ouji&Dandy Style&Fashion/Laughing/Lolicon/Makeup/Manga/Maraschino Cherries/Music/My Cats/Opera/ParanoingO_o/Perfumes/Philosophy & Classical Litterature & Poetry/Photography/Polite People/Playing bass guitar(Badly T_T)/Politics/Psychology/Rainy & Cloudy Days/Relaxing/Scaring people/Sewing&Couture/Shopping/Sing/Sleeping(I am an insomniac...so I treasure it when it comes...T_T)/Smoking a lot/Snowy Days/Sweets & Sugar & Pastries/Tall & Slim Boys...>_>/Talking too much/Tea/Theatre/Tie/Video Games/Vintage things.../Wrestling & Fight Sports/Washing my hands hardly to be sure that they are truly clean...O_O/Writing cheesy & hardcore lemons...>_>

Mes films préférés

Asian Movies: Audition/Battle Royale/Death Note/Final Fantasy VII Advent Children/Ichi The Killer/Kagen no Tsuki/Kamikaze Girls/Kung-Fu Hustle/Moon Child/NANA/Shaolin Soccer Non-Asian Movies: 1408/Alice in Wonderland (The British Version, but also the German one with the weird stuffed-animals...O_o)/Apocalypto/Benny & Joon/Braveheart/Charlie & the Chocolate Factory/Clockwork Orange/Corpse Bride/Edward Scissorhands/Finding Neverland/From Hell/Ghostrider/Grindhouse/Hannibal/Hedwig and the Angry Itch/Interview with a Vampire/Kill Bill/Napoleon Dynamite/Nightmare Before Christmas/Pan's Labyrinth/Pulp Fiction/Rochester/Silent Hill/SAW I to III/Sin City/Sleepy Hollow/Sweeney Todd/The Passion of the Christ/The Illusionnist/The Number 23/The Prestige/The Zodiac/Underworld/Velvet Goldmine/V for Vendetta/Wilde/Zoolander/Etc!

Mes musiques préférées

Everything about Japan!O_o(Sorry...sometimes, it's hard to summarize...actually, I am trying to know most kind of music as possible...so it looks like this...'>_>): 12012/176BIZ/Abingdon Boys School/alice nine./Aliene Ma'riage/An Cafe/Another Cell/Anti-Alice/Billy/Black:List/Blam Honey/Buck-Tick/[Cali‡Gari]/Charlotte/Creature Creature/DAIGO*STARDUST/Danger Gang/Dali/Deadman/D'espairsRay/Dir en Grey/Dolly/Dué le Quartz/Earl Grey/Eve of Destiny/Exist Trace/Fatima/Gackt/Gemmik/Girugamesh/Goatbed/GPKISM/Guniw Tools/Hide/Hitotume/Hyde/IKD-SJ/Jinkaku Radio/Juka/Kagerou/Kaya/Kiyoharu/Klaha/Kokusyoku Sumire/Közi/Kuroyume/Kyoka/Lab./Lareine/L'Arc-en-Ciel/Lucifer Luscious Violenoue/lynch./Malice Mizer/Mello/Merry/Miyavi/Modern Suite/Moi Dix Mois/Moran/MUCC/Nega/NEW SODMY/Nightmare/Nookicky/Olivia Lufkin/Penicillin/Phantasmagoria/Pierrot/Plastic Tree/RENTRER EN SOI/Sadie/SADS/Schwarz Stein/SCREW/Sendai Kamotsu/Shilfee and the Tulipcorobockles/SID/SiSeN/Soroban/Tafucamadara/Tarrot/Tetsu69/The Candy Spooky Theater/The Gazette/The Studs/TM Revolution/Tokyo Michael/um/Velvet Eden/Versailles/Vidoll/Yoshinori Sugimoto/Zoro/Etc...etc...etc....!!!

Mes livres préférés

Non-Asian Books: The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley/Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol/Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carrol/Divina Comedia by Dante /Le livre d'un Croque-Mort by Thibault Gardereau/Faust by Goethe/À Rebours by Joris Karl Huysmans/Paradise Lost by Milton/Complete Work by Edgar Allan Poe/All Books of Anne Rice/Dorian by Will Self/Aliss by Patrick Sénécal/Complete Work by Oscar Wilde/The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde Magazines: Cure/Elegy/Gothic Sewing/Gothic & Lolita Bible/Gothic Lolita & Punk Book/GQ/Monsieur/SHOXX/Vinyl Syndicate!/(Miscellanous men's magazines...) *I am a lover of british/german classical litterature & philosophy and of manga, of course. Actually I have a huge collection, and it may be very long to write them...maybe one day I may do this listing...O_o *