+ A Lot of Water Flowed under the Bridge... +

So long since I didn't uploaded this page, maybe because so many things occured...mostly uber great things. Merci a Emeryann de m'avoir rappelle l,existence de ce blog!XD Car en effet, mes chers amis, bien de l'eau a coule sous le pont...=o Pour commencer, j'ai eu 21 ans un 21 avril 2010 et je me susi dit que ca donnait bien trop de trois pour que la prochaine annee n,en soit pas une anormalement bonne et surrealiste. Je l'ai inaugure en demandant a Vincent aux Mains d'Argents de me refaire une tete...et comme vous pouvez le... [Lire la suite]
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+ And then came the Awake... +

As the time is running out and that we can't stop it or rewind it I needed to open my eyes after such an enigmatic night and try to live my day trying to not think too much of the 1% of possibilities I reached yesterday... I went totally drunk when I came back from the metro, because they always told me that when life makes you live something unexpected, nonsense or disturbing you need to do something worst after, so the balance came back. And it works, because while I was drunk with those two ladies for one second I was with them... [Lire la suite]
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